Treasures of the Templars

Musical Composition, Sound Design, Installation

This audio player holds a compilation of excerpts from the full 1-hour long soundtrack and sound design created for Beglys's Treasures of The Templars Live Escape Room. Our team wrote, recorded and produced the music and went full hands on to master the audio on location to sound best on Beglys's speakers inside the room.

Beglys’s team of scientists did something incredible – they opened a portal in time itself! This portal will allow you to travel back to the year 1817 and more importantly – the Apple Tree Inn. Yes, the same inn in which for the very first time the Mason Order was assembled. Beglys has been developing this technology for years and in the past have managed to get a short audio feed from inside this meeting, as a result finding out what they were discussing – they swore an oath to hide the secret of the Holy Grail! Your mission is simple - step inside the portal and retrieve this precious artefact at all costs!

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