Time Portal VR

Musical Composition, Sound Design, Voice-Overs

Developers: www.niekoplay.com

Ever since we stumbled upon Virtual Reality, we knew how powerful it can be when playing the educational role in the society. Gaining knowledge in an immersively interactive way can be exciting, though what absolutely fascinates us to our core is the though of helping develop the bright technological path for future generations. We are introducing to you the Time Portal VR.

It is a virtual time machine to the times where the famous Greek philosophers like Aristotle or Pythagoras were at their intellectual prime. Once you enter the library, some revolutionary humanitarian figures personally greet you sharing their knowledge and wisdom.

As for the sound departament of the project, our task was finding the right voice actors to represent the, nowadays only imaginable, historical characters as well as musically connecting the pinpoints between the ancient and modern times. The audio player on this page is waiting for you to evaluate how well we have fulfilled our very important role.

P.S. Do not forget to sneak into www.niekoplay.com to see what the developers of the installation are up to at the moment!